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Cooking on a Budget?

Here’s a handy book full of great ways to cook on a budget.


Just click the link to download:

Good and Cheap

Below, you’ll find the intrduction from the book.

Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures. In a perfect
world, healthy and delicious food would be all around
us. It would be easy to choose and easy to enjoy.
But of course it’s not a perfect world. There are
thousands of barriers that can keep us from eating in a
way that nourishes our bodies and satisfies our tastes.
Money just needn’t be one of them.
Kitchen skill, not budget, is the key to great food. This
cookbook is a celebration of the many delicious meals
available to those on even the most strict of budgets.
Eating on a limited budget is not easy, and there are
times when a tough week can turn mealtime into a
chore. As one woman told me, “I’m weary of the ‘what’s
for dinner?’ game.” I hope the recipes and techniques in
this book can help make those times rare and the tough
choices a little more bearable.
At the same time, this book is not a meal plan—those
are much too individual to share on a wide scale.
Every person and every family has specific needs and
unique tastes. We live in different regions, different
neighborhoods, and with varying means. One book
cannot account for all of that, but I hope it can be a
spark, a general strategy, a flexible set of approachable
and cheap recipes. The rest is up to you.
I think you’ll find (or perhaps have already found) that
learning to cook has a powerfully positive effect. If you
can become a more skilled, more conscious cook, you’ll
be able to conjure deliciousness in any kitchen, anytime.
Good cooking alone can’t solve hunger in America, but
it can make life happier—and that is worth every effort.
Just as a good meal is best shared with others, so is
a good recipe. I may not be able to share a meal with
you, but I’d love to offer a few ideas. What’s for dinner?
Here’s my answer.

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